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Staying united.

European diplomats will start hashing out today what they want from the next stage of talks, seeking a united stance they can present to the U.K.
Bloomberg’s Ian Wishart reports from Brussels that envoys from the EU27 will discuss the transition deal that the U.K. so badly wants and the outline of the future trade relationship. They will look for a common position on how long the transition should last, and what they want in return, according to a document prepared for the meeting.
The EU has adopted this strategy before: Set out a fixed position and expect the U.K. to agree to it. While the 27 have maintained a united stance in the first phase of talks, divisions are more likely once negotiations move on to the future relationship as each country will have different trade priorities. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said the second phase will “undeniably be more complicated than the first.”
On Wednesday, the envoys will start to discuss the ideal length of the transition phase, its s…