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Brexit could offer a more generous immigration policy

Brexit could offer the UK the chance to have “a more generous immigration policy”, Andrew Lilico told the annual CIPFA conference. 
In Manchester this morning Lilico, executive director and principal of consultancy Europe Economics, discussed the public policy challenges and possible remedies facing the UK after the vote to leave the EU.  One of the issues exposed by the referendum, he said, was the different impact population growth has had across the UK, He noted the effects of growing populations from internal migration and immigration and economic development, which has been unevenly experienced in different regions. Lilico pointed out the population of England has grown by 60% since 1901 while the populations of Scotland and Northern Ireland have been stable or only grown slightly. The rise has been acutely felt in a corridor from Manchester to Birmingham down to London and the south, he explained.  He told delegates Brexit might allow the UK to adopt a Canadian-style regional p…

Boris, Bills and Borders

As the U.K. and European Union prepare for next week’s second round of divorce talks, attention is turning back to two of the topics that will shape the success of Brexit. Firstly, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson waded back into the debate over the exit bill the EU wants to impose, steering attention from Prime Minister Theresa May’s attempt to reset her premiership. He said the bloc can “go whistle” and that “the sums that I have seen that they propose to demand from this country seem to me to be extortionate.” ”
Johnson incurred further criticism for declaring there is no government plan for talks collapsing without an agreement “because we’re going to get a great deal.” May’s spokesman, James Slack, later appeared to contradict Johnson when he told reporters that “contingency planning is taking place for a range of scenarios.” Still, in a potential boon for May, the EU and U.K. are looking to agree on the broad principles to resolve the Irish border dilemma so that the sea…