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A very Big House in the Country

It’s the hottest ticket in town for Britain’s business titans. Bankers including Jes Staley of Barclays and HSBC’s Douglas Flint, retailers such as Tesco’s David Lewis as well as Carolyn McCall of easyJet and Gavin Patterson of BT will on Friday head for talks with Brexit Secretary David Davis at his country retreat south of London. The full guest list is here.
The day-long discussions on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union mark the U.K. government’s biggest outreach to companies and will fan speculation that Prime Minister Theresa May’s team is now more interested in designing an economy-friendly Brexit than it was before June’s election. “There has been a pent-up demand from business leaders for dialogue, which the government is now wisely correcting,” said Scott Colvin, head of public affairs at communications firm Finsbury, which represents a quarter of FTSE 100 companies. “After a year in the wilderness business leaders are now hopeful of getting a fair hearing.” The gat…