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BORIS watch

With the Conservative Party conference under way in Manchester, two questions are front and center: can Prime Minister Theresa May cling on to the leadership, and will she say anything to worry Brussels while playing to her base?
May goes into conference facing calls to fire Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson for undermining her on Brexit—most recently with a weekend interview in The Sun. Asked on Sunday if Johnson was unsackable, May just laughed and dodged the question. Johnson, who is pushing for a quicker, no-compromises split from Europe in favor of closer ties to new allies, in line with the pledges he made on the campaign trail, expects May to be gone in a year, The Sunday Times reported. According to May’s allies, Johnson is just “posturing,” the Telegraph reports today.

And it’s not just Boris. Brexit Secretary David Davis has also undermined May, striking a more belligerent tone over the divorce since May’s big Florence speech than the premier did herself.
The trouble for May is t…