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Brexit Bulletin: It’s Complicated

It’s complicated. That’s the assessment the British made after the first day of rebooted Brexit talks. Brexit Secretary David Davis headed back to London after just three hours following a photo opportunity that prompted Twitter mockery over the size (or otherwise) of his stack of papers. Davis’ clear desk was compared unfavorably with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s sizable file.
The team of 98 British officials will be back to technical talks today, covering issues such as citizens’ rights, financial obligations, nuclear energy cooperation and what to do about U.K. and EU goods placed on the market before Brexit day, Ian Wishart reports. “We recognize that this will be a complicated and technical process and we look forward to coming back tomorrow to make progress on the work we have begun today,” a spokesman for the Department for Exiting the EU said at the end of Monday’s talks. The EU has made much of the early running by forging common positions on the issues up for debate…