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Reasons Brexit still might not turn soft

The snap assumption made in the wake of last month’s U.K. election was that Britain would readjust its sights and target a soft Brexit. The resurgence of Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition Labour Party and the need for Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservatives to unite with the Democratic Unionist Party were two reasons given for that rethink. The U.K. may still end up with a more economy-friendly Brexit, but two reports from Bloomberg on Wednesday show that’s not necessarily a sure thing. First, Thomas Penny and Alex Morales outline how Corbyn is still committed to withdrawing the U.K. from the single market despite having drawn support from pro-European young Britons.

The reason is that the 40 percent of the votes Labour attracted in June came from both pro-remain London and leave-voting northeast England. Taking one side risks alienating the other as Corbyn starts to plot a path to power. “He’s ambiguous, he’s not an enthusiast for the EU and never has been,” said Steve Fielding, who tea…