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Cabinet splits

The semblance of unity behind a “life-as-normal” Brexit didn’t last. Less than two days after Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond outlined a plan for a long transition after the March 2019 breakup, Cabinet colleagues began challenging the details. Trade Secretary Liam Fox used a Sunday Times interview to deny that ministers had agreed to allow European Union citizens to freely live, travel to, and work in the U.K. beyond the two-year negotiations. He argued doing so would “not keep faith” with voters’ decision to leave. Over in the Sunday Telegraph, economist Gerard Lyons, a former adviser to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, warned against “alarmist talk” and said any transition should last just two years, shorter than what Hammond has proposed. Former Brexit Minister David Jones told the Mail on Sunday that Remainers such as Hammond had used May’s holiday to “go on maneuvers.” The comments underscore the factions within May’s Cabinet and how they feel free to freelance after …

What counts as ‘sufficient progress’?

The Brexit talks look way behind schedule. The EU has repeatedly warned the U.K. that the two sides must make “sufficient progress” on citizens’ rights, the border between the two Irelands and a financial settlement before negotiations can turn to a trade deal. October had been penciled in as a possible moment to switch topics, but the European Union’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, thinks that timeframe is unlikely, according to three people familiar with the matter.
Barnier is proposing to extend the first stage of the talks for a few months, although he hasn’t completely excluded a deal by October. He and his U.K. counterpart, David Davis, want to meet more often to speed things up, Politico reported. Any delay would increase the risk of Britain leaving the bloc in March 2019 without a full exit package — already in doubt — or even a trade deal with the EU. By Land or By Sea Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar wants the Irish sea to become the post-Brexit border with the U.K., wi…

Brexit could lead to rise in parental child abductions

Brexit could lead to a rise in the number of parents abducting their children and taking them overseas, a law firm has claimed. Lawyers said the firm had already seen a spike in inquiries from parents about disputes over travel plans and applications for dual citizenship, as well as fears their children would not be returned home from overseas visits. Cara Nuttall, who specialises in matters relating to children, including abductions, said her firm JMW Solicitors, had received 30 per cent more inquiries in the three months to the end of June compared with the same period last year. “One year on from the referendum, it is clear that Brexit is having an impact on family life where one or both parents is from the EU,” she said. “We have seen a significant increase over recent weeks in the number of parents in rocky relationships or who are already separated or divorced seeking advice about their rights to relocate, or to stop the other parent from travelling because they are scared they…

Will the March 2019 deadline slip?

U.K. Trade Secretary Liam Fox (pictured) was pretty clear on Monday. “We will leave the European Union at the end of March 2019,” he said in Washington. “There’s no doubt about it.” Not all are so sure. In fact, some Brexit-watchers suggest that Britain won’t actually leave as planned on March 29, 2019.
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty states that extending the timeframe for talks would require the unanimous consent of all 28 members of the EU, including the U.K. Malcolm Barr, an economist at JPMorgan Chase, and Lucy Thomas, who helped run the Remain campaign and now works for Edelman, are among those who say they see how that could happen. Barr’s theory is that the two-year timetable set aside for negotiations was already demanding even before political events in Britain delayed the start of them. A messy divorce is also not in the EU’s interest, he said. It “hurts everyone to have a disorderly Brexit,” said Barr, who noted Greece missed numerous EU deadlines to fix its finances. He …

Summer days drifting away

The Brexit negotiations are entering a summer break with no plans for formal talks before the last week of August. The problem, as Bloomberg’s Nikos Chrysoloras writes on Wednesday, is that very little headway has been made in two rounds of discussions. Critical issues such as the rights of European Union citizens in Britain and how much the U.K. should pay on leaving have still to be resolved.  The European Parliament, which can veto any deal, said on Tuesday the final pact must be directly enforceable and allow for the European Court of Justice to play a full role. Britain wants to end the ECJ’s say in its laws. The European Commission, meanwhile, says Brexit will create a gap of as much of 12 billion euros ($14 billion) after 2020.  The to-and-fro is throwing into jeopardy British hopes that the EU governments will use an October summit to declare enough “sufficient progress” had been made on these topics to shift the debate to the long-term trade pact May is seeking. As Nikos wri…

Quieres pedir la Nacionalidad Española? Want Spanish Citizenship?

¿Cuándo Puedo pedir la Nacionalidad Española por Residencia? La Nacionalidad Española por Residencia puede solicitarse: a) Como norma general a los 10 años de residencia legal e ininterrumpida en territorio español b) Cinco años para aquellas personas que hayan obtenido la condición de refugiado. c) Dos años: para los nacionales de países iberoamericanos, Andorra, Filipinas, Guinea Ecuatorial y Portugal. d) Un año para:
– El que haya nacido en territorio español y no pudo acogerse a la posibilidad de solicitar la Nacionalidad Española por simple presunción.
– El que no ejerció debidamente su derecho a adquirir la nacionalidad española por opción.
– El que haya estado sujeto legalmente a la tutela (bajo la vigilancia de un tutor), guarda o acogimiento (el acogimiento que permite la reducción de residencia legal a un año es aquél en que existe resolución de la entidad pública que tenga en cada territorio encomendada la protección de menores y los acogimientos que estén judicialmente recono…