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Boris Backlash

Largely silent for months, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson launched himself back into the Brexit debate late Friday night with a 4,000 word opus.
The timing was questionable given it came a week before Prime Minister Theresa May outlines her own vision for the split and hours after she raised the nation’s threat level following another terrorist attack.
Johnson painted a positive picture of what he called a “glorious” post-Brexit Britain, rejected the notion of paying for access to the single market and revived the much-criticized suggestion that the British could redirect £350 million a week toward the National Health Service.
The personal manifesto may well shore up support among Tory grassroots who hadn’t heard much from him of late and who had recently begun looking elsewhere for future leadership candidates. It won the backing of the Sun newspaper, while Damian Green, effectively May’s No. 2, said it won’t cost Johnson his job.

But there was still quite a backlash amid suggestions he…