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May’s unhappy anniversary

Theresa May won’t have much time on Thursday to ponder the first anniversary of her becoming prime minister. Amid questions over whether she will last another year, May is bracing for political trench warfare over Brexit as she finally unveils the landmark law that will remove Britain from the European Union.
The government will also publish three “position papers” today, covering nuclear materials and safeguarding issues, ongoing judicial and administrative proceedings, and privileges and immunities. Opposition politicians are already plotting to unite with rebels in her Conservative Party to re-write the so-called Repeal Bill that will prepare the U.K.’s law book for the split. May’s team is said to be preparing for months of battles and will seek to make allies with political rivals, Bloomberg’s Tim Ross reports today. “By working together, in the national interest, we can ensure we have a fully functioning legal system on the day we leave the European Union,” Brexit Secretary Dav…