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Who are EU talking to?

European governments are starting to say in public what they’ve long hinted in private: they don’t know how to deal with a U.K. government that is so divided on Brexit that no one knows what it wants.
In unusually candid comments, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar told the BBC on Tuesday that the government’s internal disputes made it a difficult negotiating partner.
“It is quite a difficult negotiation when people who want to leave the European Union in Britain don’t really seem to agree among themselves what that actually means.”
Others have also come out publicly to say what’s been hobbling negotiations, which have stalled again only weeks after Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech in Florence. That had fueled hope on the EU side that some progress could be made. A European summit on Thursday and Friday – originally slated as the date when talks would move on from the divorce settlement to future trade arrangements – will yield little on the Brexit front, with leaders planning encourag…