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She said what...?

Just as it looked like she’d won a reprieve, Theresa May said the unthinkable.
Risking the wrath of her Tory colleagues and shredding the Brexit credentials she has spent more than a year building, she told a radio talk show that if there were another referendum she’d have to think about how she’d vote.
“I voted Remain, for good reasons at the time but circumstances move on,” she said on LBC Radio.
“I’m being open and honest with you—what I did last time round was I looked at everything and came to a judgment, and I’d do exactly the same this time round—but we’re not having another referendum and that’s absolutely crucial.”
She was savaged on Twitter, not least by ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage—another LBC host—who said she wasn’t the right person to deliver Brexit.

But that’s not all: May’s deputy Damian Green then said he thought the U.K. would be better off inside the bloc. Both insisted there would be no second referendum, so it’s all academic.
Any suggestion the prime minister’s heart is …