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Dublin is streets ahead of EU rivals as City firms plan for Brexit relocation

In boardrooms across London, bank executives are deciding where to move tens of thousands of jobs in the event of a hard Brexit. Rival European financial centres, including Paris, Frankfurt and Luxembourg, are vying for the business – but Dublin is emerging as the most popular destination. Hundreds of banks, insurers, fund managers and other major City firms had until Friday to tell the Bank of England how they intend to cope in the event of a hard Brexit. Continue reading in this link https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jul/15/dublin-first-choice-london-banks-brexit-relocation-plans?CMP=share_btn_tw

Brits go into round two fighting themselves

A second round of Brexit talks starts today in Brussels, with the U.K.’s final goal still unclear and increasingly public splits in the Cabinet about what the final divorce should look like. A spat over how long any post-Brexit transitional agreement should last dominated weekend news, with Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond arguing that any arrangement should remain in place for a couple of years to give businesses stability. His view contradicts that of Trade Secretary Liam Fox, who doesn’t want Britain’s hands tied for more than a few months. The split over the shape of any transitional deal — arguably the most important issue for business and markets — adds to the sense of disarray on the U.K. side. Prime Minister Theresa May’s authority remains in question and ministers appear to be briefing against each other in the U.K. press. It also follows a clash between May and Brexit Secretary David Davis over citizens rights, the issue that tops the agenda today. 
Davis, who ini…